April 11, 2009


It was bound to happen. For months Rae and I have been holding our breath waiting for the axe to fall. Every week we wondered if this was the week I would lose my job.

Last month we planned to take a trip to Kentucky to visit my in-laws. My time off was approved and I was relatively busy at work. We left on Friday, came home on Monday and I went in to work to be laid off before noon on Tuesday.

"We have no work. You've been an excellent employee these past 14 years John. We hope to bring you back if...when we get more work." "BUT if you find a job in the meantime, take it!"

I worked for the automotive industry in Michigan. We knew it may come and it did. I'm out of work, have 5 sons to feed and find myself going back to school to gain new skills. It's a depressing thing to know that our home has depreciated so badly that it will take 20 years to pay our mortgage down to what we could get in the going market. It's worse when friends have to uproot their families to other states just so they can put food on the table. Not only are we out of work, but we have nobody to commiserate about it with.

We are losing our friends left and right. Our boys have had to say goodbye to their childhood friends, probably forever. Rae and I have even toyed with the idea of leaving our home behind to start all over. It's not an easy decision. We are used to great credit, but if we can't find work here, the options are starve or move. Michigan is hurting and taking us along for the ride.


I may have to get an Online Pay Day Loan. I was laid off last month and am still waiting for my 401k money to arrive. In the meantime it's come to may attention, via my wife Rae, that we still have bills to pay. I've been looking to bridge the gap between the here & now and the time when our lump cash check arrives in the mail.

I did find Apex payday loans. From what I've read the process looks to be quite simple. Absolutely no credit is needed and with quick payday loan approvals of up to $1,500; just about anyone can qualify at this very moment. That's a good thing. I like to eat.

December 08, 2008


This is why we don't have a cat. I can't even apologize for that comment. I used to go over to my aunts house as a kid for Sunday dinner. It should have happy memories I guess, but what I remember is that she had a cat that roamed around the kitchen counters. She didn't think a thing about it but I sure did. Every bite I took at her house held a hairy surprise or two. I saw this picture and got a little green because I realize now that, if I add up all the Sunday dinners I had to eat there, I know that I've eaten that much cat hair.

December 06, 2008


I walked into Robert and Daniel's room and found an entire family sized box of cheerios all over their room. They were in the closet, on their beds, under their toys. It's a mess that Rae would usually have walked in on, but she's been under the weather lately. A virus has hit our home so I should have guessed that chaos would be awaiting around the bend.

A broom wouldn't take care of getting the stepped on mess out of the corners or toy bin. I had to break out the vacuum cleaner. Turns out we needed bags for the vacuum. I had to go out in the snow, clear off the car windows, heat up the vehicle and drive to the store to buy bags. I was not happy.

After the mess was cleaned up and the boys were asleep, I had time to relax. I roamed around the Internet trying to find every vacuum cleaner bag, belt, filter, brush roll, and machine on the planet. I want to be all stocked up for the rest of the winter. If I have to trudge out the door in sub-zero weather again for, vacuum bags, I think I will have to start taking blood pressure meds.

I found what I was looking for with a 10% off Coupon Code to boot. The code is EZVCAC10 if you want to stock up too. It's applicable on all orders over $20. Yep, I went well over that, you better believe it.



This makes me want to hunt. It's been a while since I've been down to my in-laws in Kentucky. They have 200 acres of prime hunting land down there. I've been busy with the wife, kids and work so, I've put hunting on the shelf for a bit.

I don't know that the deer have ever been this cozy over and Dale and Louise's house but it sure would make for some easy target shooting. That kind of takes the sport out of it though.

Maybe it's the cat that drew them to the door? That must be it. The in-laws have dogs. I think they may have something to do with keeping the deer at bay. It's for the best. I need to hike a bit to get this city gut off my physique anyway.


I've been surfing the Internet over the Holiday break. I've had some time on my hands so, why not? In my endeavors I was searching for this and searching for that. As it turned out I spent quite a few hours on the Internet just browsing around. I hadn't realized it, but I apparently wanted to find our about t lot of things. Then it hit me. What would happen if I actually type in www.find.com? I found a neat search engine that is a bit different than all the rest because I can actually just type in www.find.com/any_keyword and the browser will take me there. Who knew?! Well, now I do, and so do you!

It's easy to remember the name of the Find.com Search Engine too. When I want to find something I got to www.find.com and there it is.


Now I can Find People, or better yet, look around Find.com to Find Jobs. Yep, I am holding on by a thread here as an automotive PM but I'm not foolish enough to sit around in this economic mess without a backup plan. It never hurts to Find Friends in the business.

This little search engine that could will have thousands of articles by the end of the year. All of them unique and expertly-written. If you live in Michigan, here is your job search. Good Luck!


December 05, 2008


This looks like an interesting way to boost our Tech. Play along if your blog needs a link rate boost. Thanks "Brownie Mom" for tagging me.


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a powerful Genie Princess named Mariuca who was known throughout the land as the friendliest, most popular blogger in the blogosphere kingdom. Adored and admired by international visitors and commentators from around the world, the Genie Princess travels the blogosphere on her magical flying carpet, always looking for ways to share her good fortune with others.

Over the past two years of blogging, Mariuca has met so many new people, from all walks of life and all over the world, each one bringing a little of their culture and lifestyle when they visit and comment on Mariuca’s two sites. So on her 2nd Blog Anniversary, Mariuca wanted to celebrate with all of her international blogosphere buddies by hosting a bear-naming contests at Wishing On A Falling Star and Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery and to pass her two lucky, cuddly teddy bears along to the winners who came up with the best names.

On the opposite side of the world, from the moment Roxy (the prolific Roxiticus Desperate Housewives blogger) and her sweet daughters London and Maddie saw the teddy in his personalized t-shirt and blue muffler at Wishing On A Falling Star, they knew that he needed to come to live with their family in Mendham, NJ. The three New Jersey girls named him immediately and burst into a wonderful song for BEAR-iuca:

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Mariuca received 16 possible names for the Mariuca Teddy Bear, making it hard for the Genie Princess to choose just one…then Alakazam! A bolt of lightning delivered the perfect way to share BEAR-iuca’s good fortune to bloggers around the globe. While the soft, stuffed, cuddly BEAR-iuca is on his way to live with Roxy, London, Maddie and Rex in the Roxiticus Valley, the Spirit of BEAR-iuca is racing through the blogosphere to bring happiness, holiday cheer, and beary best wishes to everyone who welcomes him into their online home and passes along the BEAR-iuca good luck charm to ten friends.

Please play along with us by following a few important rules:

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1. Mariuca 2. Roxiticus Desperate Housewives 3. Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery 4. Roxy’s Best Of... 5. Bay Head Blog 6. Roxiticus Best Blogs 7. Emila's Illustrated Blog 8. Metz - Empty Streets 9. The Spirit of Blogging 10. Speedcat Hollydale Page 11. Snapshot
12. purplefrogcat 13. Turn-u-Off 14. Simple Life 15. A Little Girl Talk 16. Life in the Lapadula House 17. Spicybugz World 18. The Mom With Brownies 19. Our High School Homeschool 20. Our Five Dangerous Boys 21. The Big Dog 22. YOU Next!


November 30, 2008


Check out this Nikon Ultimate Hunter's Package Promo The Black Friday Promotion from Nikon includes Sport Optics, NikonProGear and NikonHunting.com this year. They have a special presentation from Lee Tiffany Lakosky! The Ultimate Hunter's Package contains:

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It's worth a look for the hunter in the family. They'll love the gift and you won't waste your money.

November 14, 2008


My dad passed away a few years ago. I have many memories of him though, sadly enough, there are many that I wish I could forget. I try to focus on his stronger side, the one that showed up when he was sober. Though, some of his not-so-sober moments are funny too.

One of the memories that hit me now and then are the moments I would watch him skydive. I used to stand on the ground and watch my dad and uncle float to the ground. It is a sight that a boy never forgets. They amazed me then and I'm still amazed.

The small air strip was very near our home. I would often plant myself in our back yard and watch the locals jump from the planes. It was a peaceful, familiar site. On just such a day, as I stretched out in the grass, dreaming of the day I could be that person, I watched a man jump. I watched the spot grow larger and larger. I began to count under my breath. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.... then, that familiar, peaceful feeling broke. I had counted too many numbers. The count grew, the chute did not appear and I jumped to my feet. I knew. I ran to my father, yelling. Somehow in that moment he could help. He scrambled out to see the spot vanish behind the tree line.

It was a relief in some ways to learn that the man was gone before he hit the ground. His heart had stopped during the fall. He didn't even have time to pull the cord. But I never watched the jumps from our yard after that. The days of lazy, jump watching ceased to exist for me. The magic was revealed to be nothing more than illusion. It was just a jump, a tempt of fate, like any other fall.

I've never jumped from a plane. I have placed that task on my bucket list. If I get to the place where I know I'm about to kick it, I might just take the plunge. If I'm able to count to 10 I'll pull the cord. If my heart has other ideas, Man, What a way to go.


Blog Pictures | acobox.comHave you ever wondered where we can find blog pictures that are safe to use on our blogs? I found the spot and I think you are going to like it too.

Acobox is the spot where bloggers can search for pictures safely and copy the code for them for free. Acobox collects pictures and presents them to bloggers. All of the images are properly licensed so we don't have to worry about copyrite infringement. That is a huge plus for any blogger worth their salt.

I like the fact that Acobox is Free and optimized so the pictures are ready to use with blogs right away. They are great for finding pictures to be added to a blog post or even for a blog banner or header. All we have to do is simply copying and paste the image code. There is no downloading, resizing, or even uploading the image file. It's simple, easy, and free! Just think of all the space on our computers that we'll save.

All I had to do was search and click for the picture on this post. It was fast and easy with no downloading what-so-ever. Easy, free and licensed. Where have they been all my life?

November 12, 2008


I'm taking the technorati challenge. It will be interesting to see if this actually works. I did it when Brad Blogging started his last year. My Technorati did rise quite a bit. I found a few fun blogs to read also.

So, here you go. If you're game, check out Mom's blog to get the details. Hopefully, We'll see some Technorati changes.

Start Copying Here -

1. Copy The List Below into a blog post on your blog(s).
2. Add Your Link(s) To The List on your website.
3. Comment On This Post stating the blog address(es) you want listed so I can update the list to include your link(s).
4. Watch Your Authority Rise!


2. Our High School Homeschool



5. Don't forget to comment on Brownie Mom's Original post!

End Copy -

November 10, 2008


I want to see the surveillance video. I am willing to bet good money that my high school English teacher took the time out of her day to grade this paper.

She had a bee in her bonnet from day one and liked to shower her opinions as gospel to her students every chance she got. Needless to say, she and I didn't get along.

I disagreed with her point of view one too many times, so as a nice little treat I got to spend the last half of my senior year taking English in the lunch room.

Yes, she really did send me to the lunch room "for the rest of the year" and I got to pass English without listening to her "teaching."

Win/Win, I say.

November 09, 2008


My wife bought me some Italian Language CD's to listen to in my car. She bought them for a decent price at Onlingo. Before I listened to the CD's the only words I knew were Bocce Ball. But, I don't know how to play Bocce Ball. I think it may be time to do some game buying as well.

Badabing-Badabang, so now in the spirit of exploring different languages I grabbed the code for Babblefish. If you want to translate languages take a look at the translator in my sidebar. It's a kick.


The New York Times has an interesting article about our nation's Pledge.

The debate over the use of the word God in America is nothing new in this day and age. It did catch me off guard to learn that the word hasn't always been in the Pledge of Allegiance though. It was only added in 1954.

The words were added to separate our country from communist countries. I'm trying to wrap my mind around what could have changed so drastically in the last 50 years to bring us full circle to taking the word out again.

WE HAVE 5 SONS...Need I Say More?

My son found this and wanted me to post it on my blog. I can only imagine that we will have this exact display adorning our front lawn this winter.

God help us all.

I did chuckle at the X's on that first snowman's eyes.

Well, I think I'm off to the garage to make a sign for the inevitable display. It will read,

"Snowblowers Kill."


This is the bathroom shower my wife would like to have in our basement bathroom. I've talked with my brother-in-law, who is a tile layer by trade, and he thinks he can do the job.

I'd like to move to a home that already has one and that was the plan last year. But with the economy being what it is and the fact that our home would be one of about a dozen in our neighborhood up for sale, we've pretty much decided to stay here a few more years. So why not finish the basement bathroom the way we would like in the meantime?

I also happen to think a sauna would go great down there so who knows; maybe after all is said and done, this house may turn into the one we wanted all along.


I always knew that preacher's kids were wild but it never crossed my mind that the wife was the real maniac.

Where do I sign up for theology lessons?

I think it's time to tell Rae that I found her first tattoo.



Sooo, I walked into the men's room at the Detroit Science Center today. I was minding my own business when I turned the corner and saw this. I don't know why it made me think of a woman. I don't KNOW why. But I found myself taking a pee, standing there wondering what genius came up with this idea.

So I took a whiz and thought, Well, maybe the Science Center meant for it to look like a big old vagina? Then I thought, Maybe I accidentally walked into the Detroit Institute of Arts. Then I thought, Maybe, just maybe, I'm the only idiot who thinks this looks like a big old vagina.

So, I took a picture of it to show my wife who was waiting outside with our sons. I showed the picture to my wife and she said, "Where did you find that?!" I said, "I just took the picture in the men's room." She said, "It looks kind of like a funky shaped, woman's hoo hoo don't you think?" So that's when I knew I wasn't entirely an idiot.

When you compare a regular urinal to the one I saw today I have to believe that my wife and I are not the only ones who saw a hoo hoo.

However, as I was looking up urinals to find a normal one for this post when I came across these.

Now I think the Science Center urinal looks normal. That's education for you.


Our oldest son turned16 in July and got his driving license not too long after that. Since then, we've shared my car. I've decided to give him my Oldsmobile Alero. It's a 2001 with only 71,000 miles on it. It's paid off and in pretty good shape. I only drove it to work and back for the most part.

That means that I am on the look out for a new vehicle. I'm weighing my options. I've always wanted a truck. I want to buy a Ford 150 or 250.

Here are the choices I've come down to. I can buy a Ford, four door, F-150 or a Ford Taurus. The Taurus gets better gas mileage but, it's no truck.

We have 5 sons but I don't drive them around much in my vehicle because we use the van for family outings. I don't drive my work vehicle a lot so I'm not sure I need to really worry about the gas prices. I say that and immediately take that back. If the gas prices go back up like the media is speculating then the gas prices may figure into my decision.

I'.ll make a decision soon. In the meantime, what is your vote?

The Truck or The Car?


I hope you have video capabilities. These are videos of McCain's Roast of Obama. I'll post Obama's roast soon. They can be found on Youtube easy enough. I picked McCain because he pretty well self sacrifices himself too. You'll get a laugh. The first video then the next. That's easy enough.